Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Al Fin: Data Suggests Climate Entering 30 Year Cooling Period, Perhaps Longer
The apparent "decoupling" of global heat from atmospheric CO2 concentrations -- with the clear divergence of observed temperatures from projected temperatures -- provides mounting evidence for falsification of IPCC climate models.
Isn’t there a cheaper way to do nothing about the weather? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
A very expensive way to do nothing about a global warming that paused 16 years ago anyway:
MORE than $8.9 billion will be spent importing wind turbines because of the blowout in the Gillard government’s renewable energy target, providing few if any benefits to local industry, one of the nation’s biggest electricity generators warns.
Smoky Mountains - Record snowfall in October
The winter storm resulted in blizzard conditions across the mountains, creating snow drifts as high as 7 ft.

A record amount of snow fell across higher elevations in October, according a report released by the National Weather Service office in Morristown.
Al Fin: Peak Oil, Meet 3 Trillion Barrels Oil Equivalent: Bringing the Heat
"In the past 100 years — in all of human history -- we have consumed 1 trillion barrels of oil. There are several times that much here," said Roger Day, vice president for operations for American Shale Oil (AMSO)
My Open Call To The New York City Police Department – To Report Obvious Fraud Now In Progress At NASA GISS
I am officially reporting, to the NYC police, NASA-GISS scientist James Hansen, pictured above, for manipulating and falsifying U.S. Government temperature data, with the likely intent to defraud U.S. citizens.

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