Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meet The New Adjustments – Worse Than The Old Adjustments | Real Science
USHCN 2.5 corrupts the US temperature record even more than the previous version. They have turned half a degree of measured cooling into a full degree of warming since 1920, and changed 2012 from third warmest to 1.5 degrees warmer than any other year.
October Hurricane Strikes Occur One Third As Often As They Did During The 19th Century | Real Science
October hurricanes used to occur about once every 1.7 years, but now they only occur about once every 5.1 years. The years 1870, 1893, and 1963 all had multiple October hurricane strikes.

Climate experts tell us that global warming has increased the likelihood of late season hurricanes, because they live inside a fantasy world and never look at actual data.
Al Gore and Warren Miller Entertainment partner for climate awareness
“It’s happening everywhere and we’ve got to do something about it. A lot of politicians are scared of Big Oil and Big Coal. I would like to think all the skiers and snowboarders together can make up Big Snow and put some counter pressure on this and say we really have to do something,” Gore said.
BNEF Lowers California Carbon Price Forecasts After First Sale - Bloomberg
Carbon futures dropped to a record low of $11.65 a ton yesterday after state regulators released the results of the auction, which created the world’s second-biggest carbon market, after the European Union program.
Orient Green Says Grid Congestion Forcing Wind Farms to Stop - Bloomberg
State authorities have asked wind farms to shut down turbines to avoid destabilizing the grid and have also delayed payments to power producers for electricity sold to cash- strapped state utilities.

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