Saturday, November 24, 2012

Attitudes to climate change - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Stephan Lewandowsky has studied scepticism. In the field of climate science the so-called sceptics he says are not sceptical, they are rejecting the evidence for ideological reasons, and a personal world view. He says extremist market ideology leads people to reject climate science. They are rejecting the enlightenment, and all that has been achieved over hundreds of years.
Ed Miliband “I Like Wind Farms – Vote Labour” « Tory Aardvark
From the outset Anthropogenic Global Warming was always an attractive political outlook for those on the left of the political spectrum, the anti capitalists, hippies, tree huggers, bunny botherers, politicians and the water walkers of the Green NGOs, in short AGW was always going to be big hit for those who go through life with a chest full of unexplored ideas as the core of their belief, or politically expedient, belief system.
Since COP15 endled in failure the whole UN AGW boondoggle has continued to decline, the relentless failed predictions of environmental disaster and 16 years of no warming have continued to erode the political impetus that the Climate Change agenda once had.
Wind energy ‘will destroy Irish jobs’ | Irish Examiner
Prof Tol said the main beneficiaries of Irish wind energy would be manufacturers of wind turbines, the majority of which are based abroad, and added that this is where the real jobs will be created by any growth in the sector.

Prof Tol said that, ultimately, wind energy is more expensive to produce than traditional energy, and subsequent higher energy prices will drag down the economy.

"Wind energy is more expensive, so it will result in higher energy costs that will slow down the economy destroying Irish jobs," said Prof Tol. "Typically you will find what you are doing is destroying jobs.

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