Saturday, November 24, 2012

Major talks as climate change action falters | Antigua Observer Newspaper
Lead author, Dr Monica Araya says it is crucial that this approach continues.

“If we want politicians to endorse these policies, they have to be able to go out there and sell them on the basis of the benefits they create for their people [Like what, specifically?  Will there be a measurable decrease in bad weather?] and not just for the planet.”
The impact of these gases has been significant, says the WMO, causing a 30 per cent increase of the warming effect on the climate between 1990 and 2011.
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Middle week, total snow that falls could exceed a foot over New England. DC, NYC, Boston to see measurable | GFS 00z
- Bishop Hill blog - Soft totalitarianism
The news this morning that a couple in Rotherham had their foster children removed from them because they were UKIP members almost defies belief.
...If you even associate with sceptics there will be consequences. You will find yourself defunded. You will be ostracised. Is it any wonder that there are, quite literally, no climatologists in the UK who will profess themselves sceptics? When NERC has activists like Bob Watson and even a representative of the Green Alliance running it?

And quite rightly so, I hear the upholders of the global warming consensus say. Sceptics are at best crazy and at worst in the pay of big oil and we should remove them from respectable scientific circles.

Which is the nub of the problem. Totalitarianism, both in its soft and its hard incarnations, is born of the very best of intentions. I read somewhere that Stalin died thinking that sending dissenters to the gulag had been an unpleasant but necessary step on the road to socialist heaven. He was doing the right thing.

So I'm sure the council workers in Rotherham did what they did for the very best reasons. That doesn't stop their actions being part of a vile and dangerous trend in public life in the UK.
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Hockey Team trying to get rid of disobedient journal editors is part of the same soft totalitarianism problem as Rotherham.
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Excellent work in Rotherham, comrades. Dissent and free thought will not be tolerated.

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