Monday, November 12, 2012

- Bishop Hill blog - Mark Thompson on the GWPF
The former head of the BBC has given a lecture at Oxford about science and rhetoric and the problems of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

An extraordinary document. Read it here.
The Reference Frame: NASA, BAS agree that the Antarctic ice growth contradicts climate models
Climate alarmists personify the scientific dishonesty at the beginning of the 21st century. To defend their indefensible proposition that the climate will be changing in a dangerous way in a few decades if not now, they use a simple tactic to interpret all weather phenomena.

Whenever the weather phenomena may be spun to resemble "global warming" or whenever they are viewed as unpleasant, they say that these weather phenomena are a part of a growing trend and this trend is caused by carbon dioxide. Whenever the weather phenomena are pleasant, ordinary, cool, or they just fail to agree with their overall theme, they dismiss them as irrelevant weather events that should be ignored.

The polar weather is a trivial example of this double-faced attitude by the crooks.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Wow! Check this pic out.. ...
Wow! Check this pic out.. snowcover ahead of record 07-08 pace

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