Monday, November 12, 2012

Really? Cold Weather Raises the Risk of Heart Attack -
Analyzing death certificates in seven regions with different climates — Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and others — they found that cardiovascular deaths rose up to 36 percent between summer and winter, regardless of climate and temperatures.
BBC News - 'Misleading' carbon credit claims by Enviro Associates
A partner in a Hampshire finance company has been filmed making apparently misleading claims about the investment potential of carbon credits.

Luke Ryan, of Winchester-based Enviro Associates, was secretly filmed by BBC Inside Out.
Covert filming showed Mr Ryan offering carbon credits for sale for £5.50 a tonne - a discounted rate on what he said was the "retail price" of £7.

Edward Hanrahan, from ClimateCare, said the credits should be sold at less than £1 per tonne.
Energy Efficiency Can Buy 5 Years for Climate Deal: IEA - Bloomberg
Adopting measures to promote energy efficiency can buy the world an additional five years to seal a climate-protection deal, the International Energy Agency said.
Global warming views hinge on gender - Nebraska
While 63 percent of women believe that reports on the seriousness of global warming are correct or underestimated, just 45 percent of men feel the same way. By contrast, 51 percent of male survey respondents think those reports are exaggerated, compared with 31 percent of females.

Overall, 41 percent of Nebraskans believed that reports on the seriousness of global warming were exaggerated, while 36 percent believed that they were generally correct. An additional 18 percent said the reports were underestimated.

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