Monday, November 12, 2012

Will Barack Obama seize the moment on climate change? | Environment |
First, soon after his inauguration, the president should address the American people in a televised speech dedicated to the imperative that we must confront climate change and make the transition to a clean energy economy. He should not let the memory of Sandy fade. He should call on the public to create a hailstorm of calls to Congress, demanding that it support a new climate bill [Can't the public be trusted to demand what they really want without the president having to tell them to do so?] and the president's climate-action agenda.
AFP: Atmospheric CO2 risks increasing space junk: study
PARIS — A build-up of carbon dioxide in the upper levels of Earth's atmosphere risks causing a faster accumulation of man-made space junk and resulting in more collisions, scientists said on Sunday.
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: IEA says 1 billion w/o ...
IEA says 1 billion w/o electricity access in 2030 + makes nonsensical claim that full access adds 1% to CO2 emissions
Obama's second term: The case for new climate change laws - The Week
"Climate is back on the agenda, and I think Bloomberg especially is going to hold the president to some sort of action," says Andrew Holland at the American Security Project.  [Is there some rule about the president having to do whatever the New York City mayor wants done?]

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