Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chris Stephens: Global warming could hold some benefits for Alaska | Business |
At the same time northern areas, which are now too cold for agriculture, could become productive farming regions.  [Ya think?]

If rain and snowfall were to decline in major agricultural areas because of warmer weather, water shortages for drinking and agriculture could become a world emergency. - Global Environmental Change - Climate change prediction: Erring on the side of least drama?
[Warmists Oreskes and Oppenheimer et al] In particular, we discuss recent studies showing that at least some of the key attributes of global warming from increased atmospheric greenhouse gases have been under-predicted
NZ backs off Kyoto climate change route - Business - NZ Herald News
New Zealand is joining Japan, Canada and Russia - and parting company with Europe and Australia - in pulling out of the Kyoto system going forward.
Snowfall warnings issued for Prairies
Environment Canada has issued snowfall warnings for much of southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while much of Alberta continues to dig out from snow that hit late in the week.
In Calgary, the wind chill was -25 C on Saturday morning and temperatures remained well below seasonal in the province for the rest of the day.
Mary Nichols talks about California's air quality - Daily Democrat Online
Q In 2015, fuels and natural gas will also come under the cap. Is the second compliance period more important in some ways than the launch of the auction Nov. 14?

A It's the other shoe that is going to drop, and there are certainly a lot more tons of carbon associated with it. From the perspective of the market, it will make the market much more interesting to investors.

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