Sunday, November 11, 2012

Govt dismisses carbon profiteering claims |
When bugman Rudd Kleinpaste told a gathering of honey producers and retailers on Monday that motorists were paying $25 for carbon at the petrol pump when it was trading on the carbon market for a dollar, it was not the first time the allegation has received a public airing.
Britain Announces Halt to Onshore Wind Farms | Heartlander Magazine
British officials are putting an end to new onshore wind farm construction, halting an energy experiment that has produced little usable electricity while draining the finances of British taxpayers and electricity consumers.

Energy Minister John Hayes stunned renewable power lobbyists by announcing the government will approve no more wind farm proposals. Hayes said enough wind farms have been built to meet Britain’s renewable energy goals, so there is no need to blot the British landscape with more wind turbines.
New York Times : Carbon Tax Will Reduce Taxes And Increase Personal Freedom | Real Science

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