Sunday, November 25, 2012

Climate Twit | Real Science
Sea level rise has averaged 30 inches per century over the last 15,000 years – which means that the past century had much less sea level rise than average. Tide gauges in New York and New Jersey show no acceleration over the last 160 years. Hayhoe’s first comment shows that she is either incompetent or dishonest.
How did Katherine determine that the small warm area east of New Jersey was caused by “climate change?” Did climate change miss the unusually cold water around Alaska, New Zealand and South America? Hayhoe’s second comment also shows that she is either incompetent or dishonest.
C3: More Proof That Global Warming & Climate Change Are A Result Of Natural Climatic Forces
The evidence that human CO2 emissions are not a primary factor driving climate change and global warming continues to grow - analyzing fundamental empirical evidence points to ocean/atmospheric patterns as the principal climatic forces
TONY HETHERINGTON: Carbon Green Capital small print that says: You can't rely on us! | This is Money
Carbon Green Capital is relying on investors knowing little or nothing about the carbon credits it sells. The less you know, the fewer awkward questions you might ask.

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