Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stranger and stranger: Supposedly sober, sane climate scientist Michael Mann directs us to an insane posting by a web game maker who calls himself Science Pope

Twitter / SciencePope: It's officially time to freak ...
[retweeted by Michael Mann] It's officially time to freak out. | Would love a retweet!
It’s officially time to freak out. | Science Pope
The only thing the world does agree on is that two degree warming above pre-industrial levels is the absolute highest level the Earth could withstand without ruin...
...[Photo caption:  "All of my sphincters are clenching in unison."]
The world is now one degree warmer than it was in pre-industrial times, so we’re already more than halfway to oblivion...These are strange times. A few months ago I made web games for a living and now I spend all day trying to bum people out about where the world is headed.

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