Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Continuous snowfall in Kashmir Valley, India
Winter on the Northern Hemisphere has not even started, but already the biggest of all continents, Asia, seems to be cooling off.

Blizzards in China, heavy snowfall in Pakistan. Continuous snowfall over the last two days has brought down temperatures all across the Kashmir Valley.
Roxane Assaf: Fossil Fuel Fury: Climate Change Activist Barnstorms Through 21 Towns Inciting Fiscal Revolution
Assuming McKibben gets his point across the way he hopes to, his sold-out barnstorming tour through 21 U.S. cities will come to be regarded as the historic beginning of a divestment campaign like the one that buckled apartheid South Africa.
Climate Common Sense: Billions for windmills as chemo drug subsidy slashed
Labor shows it's priorities in cutting $40 million from chemo-therapy drug rebates to try to keep a non-existent Government surplus while 8.9 billion is heading overseas to buy wind-turbines to fund a feel-good green energy program which will raise electricity costs. This shows the desperation of Gillard to try and keep some vestige of economic credibility no matter who suffers.
Dirty Weather In 1884 | Real Science

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