Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grist warmist Philip Bump doesn't even seem to be trying anymore: Now he suggests that Hawaii's warm weather is "obnoxiously perfect" and he even gives us an Expedia link to aid us in booking long-haul fuel-guzzling flights there

Hawaii is overflowing with solar power because it’s obnoxiously perfect | Grist
Hawaii residents are generating so much power from solar panels that utilities are worried about accommodating the excess electricity. This is because Hawaii never has any real problems and is a goddamn paradise.
Incidentally, it’s a balmy 74 degrees in Honolulu right now, because God forbid anything should be even slightly uncomfortable there.
Shut up, Hawaii. We’re tired of hearing about how great you are.

Ah, who am I kidding. Here’s a handy link to a flight search tool. Bring me back a solar panel and some booze.
And again, I'm confused about what the optimum Earth temperature should be. If the average is 59 F. now, and if 74 F. is "obnoxiously perfect", why should we panic at the thought that the Earth might reach an average of 61 F. before my grandchildren die?

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