Sunday, November 25, 2012

Die Zeit Represents Germany’s Hostile Intolerance, Calling Climate Science Skepticism “Fringe Opinions” From “Deniers”
On Friday I wrote about how the print edition of Die Zeit had published a twisted drive-by slander piece on climate skeptics, targeting Marc Morano of Climate Depot, the Heartland Institute and Fritz Vahrenholt (photo left).

Unsurprisingly the report’s authors, Kerstin Kohlenberg and Anita Blasberg, have no formal science training; they are sociology majors. That explains one reason why the piece had no focus at all on the science. The other reason is that science just doesn’t support their narrative. No warming in 15 years.
The American Spectator : Let’s Not Panic Over Romney’s Defeat
[William Tucker] Two weeks before the election I wrote a piece for the Spectator saying Romney should embrace a carbon tax as a gesture to the educated middle class that he shared their concerns about global warming...
Now, I will never understand why conservative commentators are so unanimous in their rejection of the possibility that human activity might be having an impact on climate. The logic seems to be that if liberals are the first to raise an issue and call for action, then it must be wrong.

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