Sunday, November 25, 2012

C3: Obama's Green-sharia Economic and Political Agenda Relies On Climate Distortions, Misrepresentations & Lies - 2012 Drought An Example
The Obama administration has infected many U.S. agencies with green-sharia bureaucrats attempting to "stone" the American economy into submission with its anti-growth, anti-job and anti-scientific CO2 policies - symptoms of this green-radical agenda include exaggerating the uniqueness and severity of extreme recent weather events, such as the 2012 drought
Pine beetles contributing to climate change, study says | CTV News
Using temperature data from satellites, she and her team concluded that beetle-ravaged forests were, on average, one degree warmer during the summer than healthy forests.

The reason? Tree sweat, or rather, the lack thereof.

"Trees sweat to help cool themselves in the same way that humans do," said Maness.
IPCC Gets It Backwards, Drought Causes Warming | The Resilient Earth
Those willing to do a little research of their own will find that the 2012 US drought was not outside historical climatic norms nor even anything special in historical terms. And those hot summer months, far from being a sign of global warming, were in part caused by the lack of evaporation—global warming did not cause the drought, the drought helped cause the hotter than normal temperatures. As more and better science is performed, the circumstantial case for catastrophic human caused global warming is running out of evidence. Perhaps it is time for the eco-catastrophists to come up with a new threat to frighten the people of the world.

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