Sunday, November 25, 2012

Germany’s Lost Decade | Carbon Counter
Germany appears intent on doing three things faster than almost any developed country: expanding renewable power, closing nuclear power plants, and building new coal power plants. The first two are much praised by those who drink the Energiewende Kool Aid, while the third is often treated as some kind of myth by the same people. Germany’s Environment Minister however recognizes it is not a myth, but appears to believe in magic instead.
NYTimes: Is This the End? |
As there were no SUVs or coal-fired power plants causing the Lycian coast to submerge, why would 21st century New York City inhabitants think that Mother Nature would be inclined to treat the Atlantic coast any differently?
Snowfall in Galiyat two weeks earlier than usual
Sardar Qaem Khan, an elder from Ayubia, said the snowfall has started two weeks earlier than usual. “Weather conditions are changing in our area; Galiyat usually receives heavy snowfall in the second week of December,” he said.

The second spell of snowfall is usually heavier and paralyses life in the region. Poor management by the Galiyat Development Authority usually means that roads leading to Ayubia bazaar, Nathiagali and other hilly areas are blocked for days.

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