Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time is running out: the Doha climate talks must put an end to excuses | John Vidal | The Guardian
In a world where climate extremes come faster than ever, the World Bank has found common ground with Greenpeace.
...Trillions of dollars can be found to bail out banks in a few months, but the world's most experienced negotiators cannot find a way to get Americans, the British or anyone to just turn down the air conditioning or lag their roofs to reduce the amount of energy they use.
The blame for this miserable state of diplomatic affairs must be laid squarely on the US in particular and the rich countries in general...Obama, trailing victory, missed the chance to lead the world at Copenhagen but can now commit the rich world to a generous agreement.
The science and evidence of climate change is clearer than ever, the poor countries on the frontline of the immense changes taking place have done everything that was asked of them by the rich to cut their emissions.

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Doug Cotton said...

Physics tells us that the adiabatic lapse rate represents that change in temperature that is required to keep the entropy of a parcel of air or water constant when its pressure is changed in an adiabatic and isohaline manner.

Gravity alone determines the change in pressure for a given atmospheric mass. So gravity alone determines the adiabatic lapse rate.

It seems that most climatologists have never learnt this basic fact of physics, so they were bluffed into believing a false conjecture that an imaginary greenhouse effect caused the observed temperature gradient responsible for the surface temperature being higher than the planet's radiating temperature.

Consideration of what happens on Venus (whose surface receives only about 10% of the insolation received by Earth's surface) demonstrates that the adiabatic lapse rate can be the only reason for the surface temperature being hundreds of degrees hotter. Thus it also demonstrates the fiction of the GHE conjecture.

Refer Section 8 of this paper for more detail on Venus.