Monday, November 26, 2012

Droughts and cold weather may continue to damage crops – to the detriment of prices | The New Age Online
Of course, these things tend to go in cycles – the biblical seven fat years followed by seven lean.  [Wait, what?!  Back when CO2 levels were "safe", why would there ever be seven lean years?]
New York Times Joins The Mayans | Real Science
In 1821, a major hurricane hit New York at low tide, and the storm surge split Manhattan in half. Had that storm hit at high tide, lower Manhattan would have been wiped off the map.
Two hundred years later, Manhattan is still here and The New York Times has been taken over by morons.
EPA administrators invent excuses to avoid transparency |
[Chris Horner] ...I have found reasons to demand verification (which Congress has also requested).

One reason is a demonstrated bureaucratic practice of inventing excuses to not search or produce certain files when they don't want them released. Another is that Obama officials have moved government over to private email accounts, private computers and even privately owned and managed servers. All of these acts indicate a desire to hide what the supposedly most transparent administration in history is up to.

Finally, for some reason EPA continues to stonewall our request for Jackson's "Windsor" emails about the war on coal and backdoor efforts to make electricity rates, in President Obama's words, "necessarily skyrocket."

EPA owes a lot of answers. So far, all it has offered are excuses.

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Anonymous said...

Horner should also ask for any "windsor" emails that pertain to international development.