Monday, November 26, 2012

The message from boreholes « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
What do boreholes tell us? That past warming episodes were global. That the IPCC cherry picks studies to suit it’s political mission.
Was Mann’s Hockey Stick Fraudulent? | Real Science
That is a easy call for anyone with an IQ over 10.

Mann plotted a thousand years of proxy data as reliable, and then threw out the post-1960 proxy data – because they didn’t show the warming he was out to prove.
The proxies showed exactly what thermometers did at the time – before Hansen altered the thermometer data.
As alarmist hero Richard Muller said – “we don’t do that in science”
C3: Global Warming Produces A Significant Reduction In North American Wildland Fires
Contrary to the IPCC's hysterical bureaucrat-scientists, the total number of wildland fires across North America (north of Mexico) has dropped immensely since 1970 - this drop took place during the James Hansen's supposed "runaway" global warming period
Frozen Alaska Gets Colder | Real Science
Sea ice in the Bering Sea has been above normal for the past year, and is already running ahead of last year’s record levels.
Climate experts say that Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, and that it is the fastest warming place on Earth.
Only problem is that people who actually look at thermometers say the exact opposite.
The University of Alaska says that temperatures in Alaska have declined 0.3C since 1977, and that five of the last six years have been below normal.

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