Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ehrlich Holiday Cheer From 1969 | Real Science
In 1969, the consensus of scientists delivered an uplifting Thanksgiving message to all the peoples of the world – “Earth to be destroyed in the year 2000.”
Never question a scientist, because they are smarter than you.
LA Times Takes Sea Level Stupidity To A New Level | Real Science
Sea level has been falling in California since the start of satellite measurements 20 years ago. The best available science is that there will continue to be no sea level rise in California.
And nobody lives within three feet of sea level along the coast of California. They get 10-30 foot waves several times every winter and tides much higher than three feet. David Halvarg gets the full stupid award for the day. He has no idea what he is talking about.
Twitter / nealasher: I'm in shock. Flooding nothing ...
I'm in shock. Flooding nothing unusual says BBC. Did they lock Harrabin in a cupboard?
Twitter / UN_ClimateTalks: Today is #UNFCCC Gender Day ...
Today is Gender Day at ! Join us to celebrate the role of women in climate change mitigation.

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