Tuesday, November 27, 2012

U.N. Officials Upset U.S. Not Going Along on Climate Change
But for some reason, the climate change crowd always focuses on the technologies that don’t work as well as what we have, or that have a steep tradeoff, such as in our food supply quality.
[Shock: CO2 propaganda report issued for second day of UN CO2 swindle talks] - FRANCE 24
AFP - Melting permafrost is emerging as a new factor in climate change, allowing long-frozen carbon to be released into the air and accelerating global warming, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said on Tuesday (UNEP).

In a report issued as the annual round of UN climate talks entered their second day, UNEP said scientists had already pronounced thawing permafrost to be a worry but the issue remained off politicians' radar. 
Chill wipes out grapes - Business - NZ Herald News
Viticulturist Max Marriott suggests the impact of the frosts may mean up to 30 per cent fewer grapes are harvested next year.
"It was a worse frost than usual and was particularly hard for some to  combat," Marriott says. "Cold air moved rapidly through the region to  produce the frost conditions and then the temperatures got colder a lot quicker than usual and stayed colder for longer."

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