Thursday, November 08, 2012

English major Chris Mooney suggests that CO2 caused 100.0% of global sea level change since the year 1880

Climate Change Made Sandy Worse. Period. | Mother Jones
Strauss estimates that climate change—which causes sea level rise both through the melting of land-based ice, and through thermal expansion of warm ocean water—is responsible for just over half, or eight inches, of the total. As it happens, the estimated sea level rise seen globally since the year 1880 is also roughly eight inches.

So how, then, did global warming directly make Sandy worse? Simple: Sandy threw the ocean at the land, and because of global warming, there were about eight inches more ocean to throw.
Hey Chris: Since CO2 allegedly reduces the temperature differential between the poles and the tropics, how do we know that CO2 didn't reduce the intensity and storm surge of Sandy?

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