Thursday, November 08, 2012

Matt Damon in Showtime's Climate Change Documentary - Hollywood Reporter
The eight-part series, produced by James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub, will show the human side of climate change.
Matt Damon in Team America - YouTube

Australia ready to join 'Kyoto 2' climate agreement
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet will announce the decision on Friday in Melbourne, saying there has been sufficient progress in international talks to make the commitment, with some conditions.

It is understood he will also say the decision ensures business has access to cheap international offset credits (mainly created through clean energy projects in developing countries) to help meet domestic greenhouse targets.
The Effects Of Global Warming On East Coast Snowfall | Real Science
Earlier this year, a lack of snow and cold in the east was due to global warming
Fashionable words and climate science | Watts Up With That?
From the University of Bristol some research you have to wonder about how it ever got funded. One new fashionable word set I think they should add to this is “Tabloid Climatology™”.

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