Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nice timing: As New Yorkers face hypothermia, the Huffington Post runs a piece suggesting that CO2 is wrecking the fashion industry because people no longer need warm clothes (except for the "heavy wool sweater" you need to go outside and check your mail)

How Will Climate Change Affect What We Wear? Surprise! It Already Has
Your favorite pair of J.Crew cropped pants? As a result of 2011's no-show winter, you could wear them in September and February.

...Even though the calendar says fall, if it's still 80 degrees outside, you're not going to plan ahead and stock up on chunky sweaters -- there's no tangible guarantee it'll get cold enough to warrant them..."Personally, I'm not buying a heavy coat until the weather demands I buy a heavy coat," one friend in New York told me. "Last year, I wouldn't have needed one, so why spend the money now for this year's winter?"
...You need a heavy wool sweater to go outside and check your snail mail -- but not your email...Increased temperatures galvanized by global warming, then, are diminishing the fashion industry's crucial buying and manufacturing cycles.
Post-Sandy Nor'easter Poses Hypothermia Risk - ABC News
The storm could pack 50-mile-per-hour gusts in coastal areas, 1 to 3 inches of rain from New York to Boston and a continuation of the frigid temperatures that followed last week's superstorm.

It's a situation that has some doctors worried that many of those affected by Sandy could face a life-threatening situation in the form of hypothermia.

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