Friday, November 09, 2012

EPIC Data Tampering At NCDC | Real Science
They accomplished this by cooling 1921 almost two degrees relative to 2012...

The US government has beaten and abused the US historical temperature beyond recognition. These adjustments are about 4X larger than what is published in the USHCN literature.

At the end of the year, NCDC will announce that 2012 is the hottest year ever, and no mention will be made that this is not the measured thermometer data.

It is maddening paying taxes to a government which lies about everything.
NOAA October 2012 – So Many States Were Really Cold! « sunshine hours
Arkansas had the 16th coldest October since 1895. It was 9.9F colder than the warmest October in 1963.

North Dakota was 13.8F colder than the record warmest October – 1963.

14 states warmest October was 1963 and 11 were 1919 and 10 were 1947.
Combet’s global warming circus gets worse | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Greg Combet signs us up to a futile scheme that does not include the world’s biggest emitters:

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