Friday, November 09, 2012

Polite Discourse with Professional Climate Alarmist David Suzuki
I am a scientist and I take great umbrage at being sent such a load of crap from a bullshit shill organization for the oil industry. You are the most anti-science group I can imagine.

David Suzuki.
Twitter / JamesDelingpole: Wow! The new Archbishop of ...
Wow! The new Archbishop of Canterbury believes in God and doesn't believe in "climate change"!
October USA – Cooling at .05F/Decade since 1950 « sunshine hours
Since 1950 Octobers have been cooling at -.05F/decade in the USA.

Notice that from 1982 to 2000 year to year changes in October temperatures were really low like 1F, but before and after temperatures could change by 5F up or down from one year to the next.
Polar Bear Blog – Churchill Blizzard Take Two
by sunset, we were closing in on -30C windchill
Solar panels usually no help after a storm like Sandy — NewsWorks
Ed Seliga lives near Princeton and was without power for a week, despite the intact solar array on his roof and the occasional breaks of sun after the storm cleared out.

"It is frustrating to look at those solar panels on your roof on a sunny day and realize they're doing you no good," Seliga said.

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