Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fake "Nobel laureate" Dan Kammen is an adviser to Obama on energy issues; wants to see more US climate hoax policy

Obama energy adviser says it’s time to get serious about climate change
Nobel laureate gives speech at University of Calgary
...CALGARY — Newly-elected President Barack Obama will look to Canada for co-operation in implementing new policies to combat global warming, predicts a U.S. environmental expert.
Dan Kammen, a Nobel laureate and adviser to Obama on energy issues, said the U.S. will likely expect Canada to take action on the environment through regulation and greater investment into renewable energy initiatives like solar and biomass.
2007 - Berkeley professors contribute to Nobel-winning climate work
BERKELEY – Several University of California, Berkeley professors [including Dan Kammen!!] have contributed to a United Nations international climate change organization that is sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. The prize was announced Friday morning (Oct. 12).
The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus | Watts Up With That?
[IPCC statement] The prize was awarded to the IPCC as an organization, and not to any individual associated with the IPCC. Thus it is incorrect to refer to any IPCC official, or scientist who worked on IPCC reports, as a Nobel laureate or Nobel Prize winner.

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