Thursday, November 08, 2012

It's a warmist rule: When speaking to an audience in (insert location here), you must claim that (insert location here) is "Ground Zero for Global Warming"

Why Minnesota is "high impact" for climate change | Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota near ground zero? Greatest warming signal occurring in center of continents...less near oceans
Minnesota seems to be near the epicenter of some of the greatest observed warming in North America.
-Inuit peoples needed to add dragonflies & robins to their language because they had never seen them before!
Flashback: Settled science: Every place is allegedly "Climate change's ground zero"

Flashback: Oops: NY Times warmist Nick Kristof holds up that long-debunked "no Eskimo word for robin" story as evidence that CO2 is overheating the planet
s it turns out, there are plenty of Eskimo words for robin that have existed for a long time and in languages that are spread among bands of Inuit all across the North American Arctic—and it is all plain to see with only a few clicks of the mouse along the information superhighway of the internet.

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