Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Former Bush EPA head Christine Todd Whitman: Trace amounts of CO2 cause "ever increasing severe storms"; Obama "overreached on climate change"

'Republican Party not the party I grew up with'
We are now getting to a point where it's pretty hard to deny it. We have had here in the state of New Jersey two 100-year storms in four months. While no credible scientist will attribute any individual storm to climate change they certainly have said and will continue to say that what you can expect from a warming climate is that you will have ever increasing severe storms.
I have been disappointed with the lack of action. The problem is that very early on the administration I believe overreached on climate change in particular. They tried a parliamentary approach if you will to getting something done in a backdoor way that scared away a lot of people who would have otherwise been supportive of it on the Republican side of the isle. And by that overreach they undermined their ability to get things done and they paid too high a price so that slowed everything down. But I have been disappointed that we haven't seen more action.

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