Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey, you know what would allegedly "take costs out of the economy"? A "moderate" new $1,250,000,000,000.00 bad-weather-prevention tax, along with its vast associated bureaucracy and litigation

With ‘fiscal cliff’ looming, carbon tax getting closer look - The Washington Post
A relatively moderate-sized carbon tax could raise $1.25 trillion over the next decade, a huge chunk of the money needed to bring the federal budget deficit under control. And the idea is getting a closer look now that the election is over and the “fiscal cliff” is looming.
“Taxation is a painful thing, but this is one of the least inefficient ways of raising taxes,” said Nick Robins, head of the climate change center for banking giant HSBC. “At a time of low economic growth, it can be quite a good thing because it is taking costs out of the economy. If you can do that, it would be a good thing.”

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