Monday, November 12, 2012

You know what's allegedly "irrefutable" evidence of [CO2-induced] climate change?  A video of a glacier
The video of the glacier, also called by its Danish name, Jakobshavn, is what photographer James Balog calls “irrefutable” evidence of climate change.
Helena, MT shatters 109-year-old snowfall record
“Helena crushed a snowfall record Thursday, and was on the way to doing the same Friday,” says this article on

Helena saw 8.8 inches of snow Thursday. The previous snowfall record for Nov. 8 was 2.3 inches, set in 1903.
BC Canada Oct 2012 – Cooling -.499C per decade last 15 years « sunshine hours
Using temperature stations designated as part of the “Normals” used by Environment Canada, BC is cooling at -.499C/decade for the last 15 years.
Denmark abandons sugar and fat taxes |
A world-leading ‘fat tax’ has been abolished in Denmark, with the country admitting the controversial attempt at engineering a healthier populace has failed. A planned tax on some high-sugar foods has also been abandoned, marking a setback for advocates of this method of encouraging health.
Hurricane Sandy Swats at NYC Bees, but Climate Change Will Sting Deeper | OnEarth Magazine
Warmer winters will prevent bees from tightly clustering for warmth and force them to continue foraging.

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