Monday, November 12, 2012

Warmist Scott Dodd weighs in: For a guy who wants to force the rest of us to live without fossil fuels, he sure seems to complain a lot about how much his own life sucks when he can't get enough fossil fuel

Hey Scott:  Why don't you model the fossil-fuel-free life for us?  Simply put up enough solar panels and/or wind turbines to go completely off the grid, buy an electric car, and you're done, saving loads of money in the process, am I right?

In the Land of No Gas and Very Short Fuses | OnEarth Magazine
...yet we were completely unprepared, to the point that our state officials didn’t even have a simple thing like a list of one of the most critical parts of our infrastructure: gas stations.
...We may not be able to stop the damage that we’ve already cooked into the atmosphere through centuries of carbon emissions, but we can make ourselves better ready to survive the disruptions. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having a list of gas stations.

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