Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is there a planetary influence on solar activity? It seems so according to this new paper | Watts Up With That?
This paper is a major advance in our understanding of how solar activity is modulated and in turn its effect on the earth’s climate. It can be expected that planetary torque will progress to being useful as a tool for climate prediction – for several hundred years ahead.
A Mayan Tale of Climate Cycles | The Next Grand Minimum
This is more evidence that climate change is cyclical, with warm and cold periods, wet and dry periods. The Sierra has experienced long periods of drought lasting 200 to 2000 years long. We are currently living in a moderate period much like the Maya from 440 to 660. The notion that humans can control the climate is just pain foolish, a political wet dream that can be used to scare us in to paying carbon taxes.
Climate Depot's rebuttal to climate change/national security claims -- Carbon taxes, UN treaties & cap-and-trade will not prevent wars! | Climate Depot

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