Saturday, November 10, 2012

Predicting presidents, storms and life by computer | Eugene, Oregon
For about 40 years, climate scientists have used computer models to predict what global warming will look like with dead-on accuracy, said climate computer modeler Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria in British Columbia.
Climate change as real a threat as Al Qaeda | Alaska Dispatch
Brigadier General Steve Anderson, USA (ret.) was Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics for the Multi-National Force in Iraq under General David Petraeus
Twitter / RyanMaue: Before Sandy, who gave Bloomberg ...
Before Sandy, who gave Bloomberg the advice leading to his statement "Sandy wouldn't be as bad as Irene" ? There's your preparation. ::: - Sandy is the Mandate
British comedian John Oliver jokingly dubbed Hurricane Sandy a “Catastrotunity.” Indeed, Superstorm Sandy was a grim reminder of the perils of runaway climate change and the opportunities still before us to reign it in. Sure enough, disaster capitalists are moving in vulture-like to capitalize off the catastrophe. The Obama administration needs to use its political capital to move decisively while Sandy lingers in the public memory.

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