Thursday, November 08, 2012

Meteorologist Tim Kelley rejects Sandy/climate link: 'The alarm & fear of AGW is a major distraction & a waste of resources that could otherwise go to helping humanity' | Climate Depot
Kelley: 'Sandy is not an unprecedented storm. The 1938 hurricane was worse, and was followed by major hurricanes in 1944 & 1954. Three major hurricanes in 16 years. We are fortunate to have gone nearly 60 years without a comparable storm here in the northeast'
Harry Reid, Shawshank Redemption, And The Invention Of A Phony Global Warming Scare - Forbes
When it comes to global warming and hurricanes, we know two things to be true: (1) gradual global warming is occurring and (2) the United States is experiencing significantly fewer major storms as temperatures warm. These two facts would lead most intelligent people to conclude that if global warming is having any impact on hurricanes, it is to lessen their negative impact. Reid, Waxman and Rush, however, would like us to believe the opposite.
A New Tweak for Global Warming Predictions -
Regardless of scientists’ ability to accurately predict the extent of future changes, Dr. Pierrehumbert pointed out that the planet was not helpless. “The only way to guard ourselves against the risk of really strong climate change is just to emit less CO2, because the one thing we know for sure is the less we emit, the less the maximum climate change is going to be,” he said.  [But do we really know that for sure?  What if natural variability was causing the Earth to cool, and CO2 was slightly countering that.  Wouldn't CO2 *reduce* the observed climate change in that scenario?]
Global Warming Could Wipe Out Govt. | Judicial Watch
The Washington D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure will be virtually destroyed by global warming over the next century, according to the latest study financed by American taxpayers.

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