Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mistakes galore in first 1/2 hour of Gore’s climate change marathon | Frontier Centre
Gore and his guests connected Hurricane Sandy and other tropical cyclones with global warming caused by human-induced greenhouse gas emissions (“carbon pollution”, they wrongly called carbon dioxide). Besides the fact that such a connection is impossible since there has been no overall global warming in 16 years, the concept is also wrong in principle.
- Bishop Hill blog - State of upheaval
Michael Mann's boss at Penn State, Bill Brune, has suddenly announced that he is standing down as head of department. Brune, as readers of Hiding the Decline will know, was a consultant to the Penn State inquiry into Mann's conduct. He also spoke about the inquiry a year or so ago.
The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog: Is Al Gore world's first carbon billionaire?
Mr Gore's venture capital firm loaned a small California firm $75m to develop energy-saving technology.

The company, Silver Spring Networks, produces hardware and software to make the electricity grid more efficient.

The deal appeared to pay off in a big way last week, when the Energy Department announced $3.4 billion in smart grid grants, the New York Times reports. Of the total, more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Spring has contracts.

The move means that venture capital company Kleiner Perkins and its partners, including Mr Gore, could recoup their investment many times over in coming years.
Nobel Prize Winner Takes The Earth’s Temperature | Real Science
The 2007 Nobel Prize winner (aka the inventor of the Internet) says that Earth’s temperature is several million degrees.
I was working on geothermal energy at Los Alamos in the mid-1970s, thirty years before Gore discovered this new technology. Los Alamos gave up on it because it is environmentally destructive and a waste of time.

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