Sunday, November 18, 2012

Should ordinary Brits subsidize Prince Charles' planet-healing biogas plant?

Prince Charles takes on energy giants with biogas plant - Telegraph
Mr Phillips refused to say how much it had cost to build the Prince’s biogas plant in Dorset, but a similar sized plant in Scotland cost more than £25 million.

By selling the gas into the National Grid, however, it will benefit from renewable heat subsidies set by the government.
Royal Family | Net Worth | The Jane Dough
Prince Charles has a real estate portfolio worth $1 billion.
June 2012: Prince of Wales's public funding up 11% | UK news |
The accounts listed the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the past financial year, a figure that covered everything from office and domestic energy use to Charles's organic Home Farm at Highgrove, his Gloucestershire estate.

The total was 4,782 tonnes, up from 4,127 tonnes. Within this figure CO2 emissions for official overseas travel increased from 438 tonnes to 1,206 tonnes, almost a threefold increase.

These emissions are offset through the Government Carbon Offset Fund.

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