Sunday, November 18, 2012

Step right up and get your bad-weather-preventing green job right here: For minimum wage, go to the desert, take a rag, and start wiping the dust off a few square miles of solar panels?

If that one doesn't appeal to you, another green job opportunity might involve endlessly climbing up on freezing, slippery Minnesota house roofs to wipe snow off solar panels.

Dust Clouds, Delays Thwart Indian $1.4 Billion Solar Plan - Bloomberg
India, planning $1.4 billion of solar-thermal power stations, expects half of the projects to be delayed and some to be scrapped as U.S. supplies stall and dust- clouds diffuse the radiation required to drive generation.
Companies such as Lanco Infratech Ltd. (LANCI) have also reported high dust levels in the desert areas where many plants are built, Kapoor said. The dust particles scatter the sun’s rays, reducing the direct solar radiation that can reach a plant’s receptors.

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