Sunday, November 18, 2012

They Don’t Talk About Alaska Anymore | Real Science
A few years ago, Alaska was a favorite talking point for climate alarmists. They don’t talk about Alaska any more. I wonder why not?
Why a carbon tax makes sense to conservatives | iPolitics
a tax on carbon will be central both to a stable economy and a sustainable environment in the future
real economics: Naomi Klein on Bill Moyers discussing climate change
BILL MOYERS: I read a piece just this week by the environmental writer Glenn Scherer. He took a look and finds that over the last two years, the lion's share of the damage from extreme weather, floods, tornadoes, droughts, thunder storms, wind storms, heat waves, wildfires, has occurred in Republican-leaning red states. But those states have sent a whole new crop of climate change deniers to Congress.
Analyzing the 3 Cs: COPs, Crime, and the Climate Negotiations
While China is playing climate change realpolitik, U.S. enviro activists will return from the COP with hangovers and the satisfaction that a re-elected President Obama will continue to back door the climate agenda thru the U.S. regulatory system.

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