Thursday, November 15, 2012

Should we send penguins to the Arctic as food for the polar bears? | From the Guardian | The Guardian
The polar bear population would increase as a result of this
There’s a bit more to “student” Eleni Andreadis | Omnologos
The trouble of having BBC News sponsor a Masters student to work at CMEP to lobby the BBC, it’ll be for another day to understand.
California Carbon Futures Slip as State Sells Allowances - Bloomberg
Futures contracts based on carbon permits for 2013, the first year of compliance under the program, fell 25 cents to $12.15 a metric ton yesterday, according to data compiled by CME Group Inc. (CME)’s Green Exchange in New York. Permits are down 40 percent from this year’s high of $20.25 on July 24.
Carbon Fee From Obama Seen Viable With Backing From Exxon - Bloomberg
“Conservatives are utterly naive to believe that they will get trade-offs in response to a carbon tax,” Kenneth Green, a resident scholar at AEI, said in an interview. “We’ve had some robust discussions over the lunch table about our differences.”

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