Thursday, November 08, 2012

Understanding Chinese Aerosols | Real Science
Chinese aerosols are blamed for the failure of climate models. (Apparently they gunk up the Fortran.)

Translating this in science terms.
We have been damn lucky that there have been no large volcanic eruptions for twenty years. Another Pinatubo and we are completely screwed for funding.
[How can the Smithsonian gain more political influence?] | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
An idea, the Anthropocene, has taken root at 10th and Constitution. How long will it take for that idea to reach the nearby White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … or the House and Senate chambers just up Constitution Avenue? Or perhaps more to the point, if Smithsonian museums and programs log 35 million visits each year, how long will it take for that idea to reach the nation’s 435 voting districts?
Twitter / philliphart: Congratulations Adam Morton, ...
Congratulations Adam Morton, carbon market journalist of the year! #cmiawards #carbonexpo #carbon
Another $700,000 for alarmists torn apart by sceptics | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
More Australian Research Council grants go to two teams of global warming alarmists who between them last produced papers which were shredded by unpaid bloggers, forcing one to be withdrawn and leaving the other still unpublished.

Yet it’s Alan Jones alone who must be sent for re-education.

Australia as Salem, 2012.
Record Snowfall making headlines around the country
So much for global warming.

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