Thursday, November 08, 2012

To replace Energy Secretary Steven Chu, how about Al Gore's former climate hoax chief Cathy Zoi?

Obama faces energy team shuffle, tough confirmation fights -
Democrats close to the Obama administration say Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar could all step down during Obama’s second term, though the timing is far from certain.
...if the past four years are any indication, the push to replace the officials will give Republicans a new opportunity to attack Obama’s energy and environmental policies.

“The Republicans will use the EPA confirmation process as a Scopes ‘monkey trial’ on climate change,” said Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
And Republicans have dredged up years-old quotes to argue that Chu wants gasoline prices to rise, a claim the secretary has denied.
Barack Obama's second-term Cabinet - Edward-Isaac Dovere -
Chu is probably the Cabinet secretary the White House wants to see go the most. Nobel Prize cachet aside, the Solyndra debacle has been a disaster, and the Hill is unhappy too. Possibilities here include Cathy Zoi, a former CEO of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and Kathleen McGinty, the Clinton-era chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This could be a private- sector draw too — there’s talk of Lewis Hay of NextEra Energy and Jim Rogers, the head of Duke Energy who was co-chairman of the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

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Anonymous said...

Energy Secretary should be filled with Representative Paul Tonko from New York. He’s a faithful Democrat loyal to the Obama agenda, and a member of the Natural Resources Committee, where he serves on the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee. Tonko earned an engineering degree from Union College and served as chairman of the New York State Assembly’s Standing Committee on Energy prior to leaving the Assembly to become the president and CEO of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). While at NYSERDA, he worked to advance an aggressive green agenda for businesses and residents throughout New York State. He’s the right person to head the Energy Department.