Thursday, November 08, 2012

What Will Obama 2.0 Bring For Climate Policy?
Well, don’t get too excited. Caution has been the operating concept since Congress’s attempt to pass a cap-and-trade bill went down in flames, and more cautious progress is all we can reasonably expect.
Emilie Mazzacurati is Executive Director at Real Options International, a carbon [dioxide hoax scam swindle] advisory firm, and an expert on U.S. climate policy and carbon markets. Emilie has published extensively on federal climate legislation, regional programs and the interaction of carbon with other commodity markets. Previously, Emilie was Head of Carbon Analysis at Point Carbon Thomson Reuters, where she managed a portfolio of research and trading analytics products for North American and global markets.
It’s time for the Green Party to grow up | Grist
Perhaps the high-water mark for Stein’s candidacy was the alternative presidential debate moderated by Larry King. Over the course of that meandering 90 minutes, hosted on the Russian-government-funded RT network, Stein chose to focus on her plan to create 25 million green jobs. That’s a number almost 10 times the Brookings Institution’s assessment of the size of the sector today; it is twice the number of people who are actually unemployed. It’s a laughable idea. But the beauty of the debate was that such surreal political ambition went completely unchallenged.
Twitter / theco2manager: Kyoto 2 would provide a very ...
Kyoto 2 would provide a very important market signal - CDM's might not continue without it. Ilona Miller, Baker McKenzie #carbonexpo
Twitter / philliphart: John Kilani, Director, ...
John Kilani, Director, Sustainable Development Mechanisms, UNFCCC, there is an "under-demand" for CDMs! #carbonexpo #carbon
Twitter / theco2manager: Climate change is slipping ...
Climate change is slipping down EU government's agenda. Impact in the billions of dollars - Juan Costa Climent, Ernst & Young #carbonexpo

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