Monday, November 05, 2012

[Why didn't they use this money to fund clean-energy research?]: Climate Activists Give Thousands to Crowd-Fund 'Romney vs. Sandy' Ad - The Paramus Post
Anyone who mocks climate change is mocking [are they?] the lost lives, dislocation, and billions of dollars of damage wrought by Sandy
Sandy Was Sent By The CO2 GodsTo Bring Obama Victory | Real Science
Obama’s poll numbers were plummeting, and the CO2 gods came to his rescue.
The Science behind Superstorm Sandy’s Crippling Storm Surge: Scientific American
First, land rebounding farther north after the removal of the massive weight of Ice Age glaciers has caused the island of Manhattan itself to slowly sink. Second, at the same time, the oceans have risen by nearly three inches locally over the course of the 20th century, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Twitter / ChrisMooney_: In Which I Actually Get a ...
In Which I Actually Get a Democrat and Republican to Debate Climate Change cc:
Nice job, Chris, but I think you forgot to mention that both people are warmists, and the Republican's warmism played a key role in helping him become a *former* Congressman.

Flashback: Warmist version of "The Debate We Should Have Had" features four warmists and zero non-warmists
July 2009: Compelling video: Angry voters confront Congressman who voted for cap and trade swindle
At the 4:12 mark, a speaker says that he hopes Castle loses his Congressional seat over his support of cap and trade, and the crowd cheers. Castle smiles briefly, then his face grows grim.

Around the 7:12 mark, Castle is booed after he says he believes in AGW.

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