Wednesday, December 12, 2012

$227M state investment in alternative energy has led to less than 500 jobs | The Clarion-Ledger |
JACKSON — Mississippi has disbursed nearly $227 million in aid to six alternative-energy companies since 2010, but so far has fewer than 500 jobs to show for it.
Climate Craziness of the Week – Mark Hertsgaard embarrasses himself with ‘The End of Pasta’ | Watts Up With That?
Clearly, US wheat production is healthy, increasing, and shows no sign of the 5.5% decrease, and if anything it seems to indicate there is a positive effect from temperature on wheat yield. Improved farming practices and improved wheat seed stocks have helped too. If I really wanted to embarrass these two guys I could add the Keeling curve for CO2 also, and point out that crop yields increase with increases in CO2 as well.

How do people like this get a broad voice to such opinions that don’t stand up under the simplest of tests? I don’t know, but you can write them here to ask them...
Jane Lubchenco to Leave NOAA Helm - ScienceInsider
in today's message, Lubchenco hinted that the decision to leave was influenced in part by the strain of trying to maintain a bicoastal family life [I'll bet all that cross-country bicycle riding got old after a while]; her husband, marine scientist Bruce Menge, remained at Oregon State University after Lubchenco took the job in 2009.
Baltimore TV meteorologists weigh in against global warming -
Spurred by a recent article in Rolling Stone, some Baltimore television meteorologists are weighing in against global climate change -- and are drawing some criticism for it.

WBAL-TV's Tony Pann shared the article, which calls some TV meteorologists "climate crackpots", on his Facebook page. He, along with others like WMAR-TV's Mike Masco and former WMAR meteorologist Justin Berk, argue climate change is an unproven theory.

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