Wednesday, December 12, 2012

‘Global Warming’ Is Now Officially Down the Memory Hole |
[Marc Morano] The website Real Science pointed out that pleasant sunny days in the Spring are now being defined as “extreme weather.”...

The promoters of man-made climate fears have essentially declared that man-made climate change will cause many bad weather events to happen. And since bad weather events always happen, there is no shortage of “proof' of their predictions. They can always claim every bad weather event as evidence of their correctness.

There is no way anyone can falsify the global warming claims now because any weather event that happens “proves” their case, despite the fact that the current weather is neither historically unprecedented, nor unusual.
Action call on global warming is rejected | Cambridge News
Tories in charge at Shire Hall have rebuffed calls for them to commit to tackling global warming – claiming the science is “contested”.
Climate Science Rule #1 : Never Look At Actual data | Real Science
Had these geniuses bothered to look at actual data, they would know that winter snow extent is increasing
One might also remember that Texas had their snowiest winter on record last year. as did Alaska and much of Europe. Being a successful climate scientist requires that you don’t understand the limitations of computer hardware or software. A computer model is not an excuse for being a moron.
Multi-Year Stupidity | Real Science
The reason why Arctic sea ice summer minimums have been low recently is because there is a lot less thick multi-year ice than there was 20 years ago.

Experts say that this confirms global warming, but it has little to do with it. Most multi-year ice is lost during the winter, not the summer. The ice gets blown by strong winter winds out into the North Atlantic, where it melts. During the winters from 1988-1996, most of the multi-year ice was lost.

People who get hysterical about the location of the ice edge in September, are complete morons.

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