Sunday, December 02, 2012

America's [nonexistent bad-weather-prevention] tax offers a lesson to the rest of the planet on fighting climate change | Henry Porter
It is estimated that a tax of $20 per ton of carbon emitted from 2013, with an increase of 4% per annum, will raise $1.25tn in the next decade and reduce emissions by 14% below 2006 levels.
Yet we have to understand that none of this may be enough and that our attitudes to energy saving, social equity, personal consumption and endless growth may have to change to prevent global temperatures rising by that supremely destructive 4C.
Treacherous voyage to honour Antarctic hero's legendary tale of survival
Their vessel will be an exact replica of Shackleton's small wooden lifeboat. They will use only 1916 equipment and they will don the traditional gear that Shackleton and his men wore.
Jarvis, who is also an environmental scientist, hopes to use the trip to heighten awareness of the impact of climate change. The team will collect data at various points to use for scientific research.

"The irony is Shackleton tried to save his men from Antarctica and we are now trying to save Antarctica from man."
Cold, mold loom as hazards in Sandy disaster zones -
But it is the approaching winter that has some public health officials worried most. Nighttime temperatures have been around freezing and stand to drop in the coming weeks.

New York City's health department said the number of people visiting hospital emergency rooms for cold-related problems has already doubled this November, compared with previous years. Those statistics are likely only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
Twitter / YaleClimateComm: Only 7% of Indians say they ...
Only 7% of Indians say they know "a lot" about term "#climate change." But when described, 72% say they're experiencing it already. #cop 18

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