Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another comment on the "correct" IPCC predicton
I ridiculed this yesterday as cherry picking but Vincent Gray, an IPCC reviewer, also has some thoughts below. He points out, inter alia, that the IPCC has actually ABANDONED the prediction concerned
Another Hansen Fail From 1988 | Real Science
During the drought of 1988, Hansen predicted frequent drought during the 1990s.
The 1990s were the most drought-free decade on record. Hansen is completely incompetent, which is why the left considers him the world’s greatest climatologist.
When Are Snow Storms More Than Weather? | The Next Grand Minimum
When will we recognize that a collection of storms are more that just your average snow storm?

Snowstorm clobbers Upper Midwest and Northern Plains
Killer winter storm in New Mexico
Georgia closes mountain passes due to heavy snowfall
Heavy Snowfall Paralyzes Eastern Turkey
Blizzards continue sweeping through North China...
Consensus Beats Evidence | Planet3.0
if you look at all the other attacks on climate science, they are not substantive at all...The challenges are directed specifically at muddling the public perception of consensus.  [How does Tobis claim to know the motivations of every single person who has ever criticized any climate science claim?]

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