Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hansen Caught Cheating Again
Hansen of course overwrites in situ or deletes his old data, but I have been saving the files to track his cheating.

GISS is also diverging from satellite data at a rate of almost 1C per century. Hansen has to keep the global warming scare alive – the planet depends on it.
The New Nostradamus of the North: EU's carbon capture projects have fallen through
In 2007 EU leaders agreed to have 12 CCS projects in operation by 2015. Now it appears clear that the entire project has fallen through, leaving EU taxpayers to pay the bill. And if the funding still unused, 1,5 billion euros, "will be diverted new renewable energy schemes", as the warmist MEP Chris Davis suggests, even that money will be wasted.

But for this is of course small potatoes for Nobel laureates ...
The IPCC was wrong. (Matthew England and the ABC mislead Australians) « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
What’s surprising is that people like Matthew England bother to defend these early predictions. His reputation as a UNSW professor surely rests on an assumption that he is honest and well informed. His judgement in defending the indefensible for little gain is bizarre. Skeptics can point to direct quotes showing he is unequivocally wrong, so why not give up on a losing game and just hand-wave and say “models are better now” (which also isn’t right, but at least isn’t quite so easily disproved).
NRDC Lying In Utah | Real Science
Complete bullshit. Snowfall in Utah is increasing. One dry winter is not a trend.

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