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Compilation: Lots of good polar bear/sea ice quotes here

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Sea ice in the northern Chukchi Sea and western Beaufort Sea…”is thicker and melting slower than usual… First-year ice is 9 to 11 feet [2.7-3.3 meters] thick”. [July 26, 2012]
Featured Quote #4
“Sea ice can be thin enough to avoid detection by satellite sensors but thick enough to stop ships.” Walt Meier, National Snow and Ice Data Center. Aug. 14, 2012.
Featured Quote #6
In Northwest Greenland (near Thule), Kurt Burnham (of the High Arctic Institute) claims to have seen more bears in one summer than he has in his previous twenty. [Aug. 22, 2012]
Featured Quote #7
“One 17-year-old female from western Hudson Bay with three cubs-of-the-year was handled in November, 1983 when she weighed 99 kg [218 lbs]. The following July she was without cubs, probably pregnant, and weighted 410 kg [910 lbs], a four-fold weight change in eight months.” Ramsay and Stirling 1988:615.
Featured Quote #8
“The increase in the Svalbard polar bear population in recent years [1972 vs.1980], with consequently higher abundance of adult bears, may have increased cannibalism and predation upon cubs.” From Larsen (1985:325).
Featured Quote #9
“the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters stored in strategically placed caches.” From Derocher and Lynch 2012:107
Featured Quote #10
“Nichol’s (1967) climatic reconstructions [western of Hudson Bay, Canada] show that the forest tundra margin was once 300 km farther north and that summer temperatures between 6000 and 3500 years ago were about 3 degrees C warmer than at present. [continues...] A cooling period occurred between 3500 and 1500 years ago, followed by a warming trend (the Medieval Warm Period), which lasted with minor fluctuations until 600 years ago. Cooler conditions have prevailed since that time. Whether we have begun a climatic cooling and are part way into the next glacial epoch, or whether the cooling trends are short term fluctuations remains to be seen.” Dredge 1992:14
“Segregation by sex and age is apparently reinforced by intraspecific fighting. During tagging operations in August, 1969, [in W. Hudson Bay] six bears were observed with fresh wounds, and an adult male was found near the coast devouring an adult female and two cubs he had apparently killed the previous day..."
Featured Quote #18
“Sea ice coverage varies greatly from one year to the next and from one regional location to the next. So, one summer may find thick impenetrable ice in a specific region—when the summer before, large areas were completely accessible.” Walt Meier, research scientist at NSIDC, Nov. 2, 2012.
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